School holidays and flight logbooks

September 29, 2016 Vanessa Mann

Is everyone enjoying the school holidays as much as we are?

Are you flying anywhere? 

Would your kids love to to have special flight logbook for kids?

Make sure you grab a copy of our kids flight logbook to take with you on your travels. It is packed with fun trivia, plane profiles, and handy information about flying.  Good old fashioned books and hand-written journals are great for kids in the modern technological age. Any kid that loves to fly needs a Junior Flyer Logbook!

This photo is a bit of an oldie, and admittedly we aren't flying anywhere these holidays for a change (oh the perks of living on an island!). This photo was taken last summer in fact. I think it's a great reminder that family travel can be fun, and flying with kids needn't be intimidating.

Safe travels to all of you!