My Top 5 Family Travel Bloggers

October 05, 2016 Vanessa Mann

We all love travel, right?  Unfortunately, many of us don’t travel as often as we’d like to, due to career, finances, the reluctance to pull our kids out of school, or whatever other commitments we have at home.  Therefore, many of us end up travelling vicariously through the stories of dedicated travel bloggers, of whom there are seemingly HUNDREDS on the internet!

How do you sift through the all the travel ramble to find the bloggers with the stories you like?  The ones which are relevant, informative, and entertaining to read? 

I’m going to help you out here, and give you a list of My Top 5 Family Travel Bloggers.  These have been selected purely because they meet the criteria I just mentioned – I find them relevant to my own life experience, they are informative, and they have an entertaining writing style.  Here they are, in no particular order.  I hope you find some stories you enjoy!  

This Sydney blogger decided that ten years from now, her daughter wouldn’t care if she had installed a new kitchen and bathroom in their house, but she would be ever enriched from the experience of travelling with world. So the renovation money is being spent on a year’s travel.  Share the adventures of this single mum and her 5 year old daughter as they travel the world together.

This isn’t the most user-friendly site, but it is packed with some very useful lists, including family-friendly hotel reviews, travel-themed books for kids, hotel swimming pool reviews, and more!  It is also written by someone with a very sensible yet philosophical approach to travelling with children. It has a strong international focus.

I particularly love their inspiring home page post at the moment, titled “Travel With Kids: Why You Should Do It – And Do It Now.”

This blog is run by a mother of two from Victoria, who has worked as an international flight attendant for over ten years. I can only imagine some of the places she has seen!  This blog is filled with many different reviews: including hotels, airlines, products, and services.

Not specifically travel-focused, this blog is filled with posts about family activities in and around Sydney and New York, anecdotes about the life of a writer, and does feature a lot of travel stories from around the world. It also has some great photos!

This site is absolutely jam-packed with information from a family who seems to travel A LOT!  They have written about theme parks, cruises, family-friendly resorts, travel gear, and even movie reviews, games, and travel advice.  The site has regular giveaways and competitions. This blogger is also very active on twitter and Facebook.


If you have any other favourites that you can share with Junior Flyers HQ, I would love to hear from you.  Email me at Thanks!