School of Life: Why travel is the best teacher

July 08, 2016 Vanessa Mann

Everyone's heard of Lonely Planet right?  I always thought LP was for twenty-something backpackers, probably because I used the books like bibles when I was a twenty-something backpacker (prior to age of smart phones, abundant internet access, and free WiFi).

Imogen Hall has written an article for Lonely Planet titled "School of Life: Why travel is the best teacher" however, is written with  families travelling with children in mind.  It inspires us to take the road less travelled, allow our children to make mistakes, read maps the old-fashioned way, and try out a foreign language.  All these things are incredibly valid and beneficial for children, and as the article points out, are better than any lesson at school.

I hope this inspires you to book those flights to Myanmar / Mexico / Morocco, or where-ever your heart desires...